Roderick A Smith

Rod has enjoyed mountaineering since his early youth. He is a member of the Fell & Rock Club of the English Lake District, the Arctic Club and of the Alpine Club. He has extensive experience in the Alps,  Norway, Greenland, the Himalayas and the Karakoram. He enjoys mountain walking, rock climbing and skiing. 



R A Smith, Mountaineering Publications


Strength of Rock Anchors

     Brindle, D & Smith, R A, Caves and Caving, No 20, 1983, pp 22-26


A Ski Traverse of the Jostedalsbreen

     Smith, R A, Footloose, No 48,1987, pp 26-29


Ski Traverse of the Josterdalsbreen, June 1985

     Smith, R A, The Fell and Rock Club Journal, Vol.24,No 71,1988, pp 501-507


I'm Wearing My Father's Boots

     Smith, R A, The Fell and Rock Journal, Vol.25,No 73,1992, pp 223-226


The Development of Protection Systems for Rock Climbing

     Smith, R A, In The Engineering of Sport, Ed. S Haake, Balkema, Rotterdam, 1996, pp229-238


The Development Of Equipment To Reduce Risk In Rock Climbing

     Smith, R A, Sports Engineering, Vol 1, No 1, 1998, pp 27-40


 Tail Piece

     Smith, R A, Peak & Pennine, Vol 2, No 6, 1998, pp 64


 Your Top 20 'Bibles'

     Smith, R A, Peak & Pennines, Vol 2, No 12, 1999, pp 28-30


Climbing-A Risky Business?

     Smith, R A,  Chapter 26 in The Science of Climbing and Mountaineering, N Messenger, W Patterson & D Brook, CD Rom, Human Kinetics Software, 2000.


An electronic version of the Fell and Rock Journal Volumes 1-5,

     Smith, R A, a CD produced for the Centenary of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club, 2006.


The electronic early journals: a commentary,

      Smith, R A, The Fell and Rock Journal, Vol.27,No 80, 2006, pp 834-840.




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